8 steps to love

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Andrey & Viktoria


   How many steps does a couple take before saying yes to each other? Andrey and Victoria took 8 steps. It is interesting, because 8 symbolizes love and harmony, and it’s also an infinity sign if turned over. The infinity of love served as a basis of the wedding event. Andrey and Victoria have incredibly touching and tender relationships.

   While planning the concept we figured out what kind of construction work would take place on the boutique hotel territory. We decided to build a wooden veranda specifically for the wedding to be able to realize all the incredible ideas. The marriage was registered surrounded by tall pine trees. The bride’s brother was the one who registered the marriage what was incredibly touching as he was worrying because his little sister was getting married. But the brightest emotions the couple experienced while exchanging the surprises that they had prepared for each other.

   While the cover band was performing Victoria unnoticeably took the drummer place and played a special set. Andrey, for his part, he made a heart out of the block of ice with a chainsaw. A few could hold back the tears. This wedding at the border between summer and autumn was a kaleidoscope of emotions, beauty and inspiration.


Location: Rodniki Boutique Hotel 

Date: 31 / 08 / 2015

Number of guests: 33 pax

Processing period: 97 days