The world inside us


Irakly & Eka


   The world inside us, so delicate and unattainable, hidden behind layers of shells, is attractive for being so inaccessible and mysterious. But as soon as a person let us in his or her boundless universe, we reveal some beautiful worlds we could not even imagine and dream about.

   How many new depths, new waves and miracles there are in these worlds! We have expressed the mystery of getting to know a beloved one within the wedding area. The colours of the interior smoothly blend from one to another creating a seamless kingdom of love.

   Just like the energy that moves and evolves every second, everything in love fuses in one movement, so delicate and full of pure happiness. 


Location: Lotte Hotel Moscow

Date: 24 / 06 / 2017

Number of guests: 147 pax

Processing period: 127 days